October 22, 2006

Miss Lina Spanking Naughty Men

English men are lucky SOBs !!!

What else can you call the blokes who have only to travel for a few hours in order to have their asses spanked by Miss lina, the sexy swedish spanker who lives in England?

All over the net you can find lots of dominant spanking women around the world but, for some reason, it's in England that spanking has been taken to state of the art.

Emglish spanking Ladies tend to have a very special way of making men wishing to receive hard spankings and, in the end, gratefully thank the Lady's hand for his punishment.

Although Miss Lina is a Swedish natural, she's in England for several years and, being naturally dominant, she could easily assimilate the country's spanking culture and she is now one of the most desired spankers for men everywhere.

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The sexy hot swedish dominant female Miss Lina hard spanking naughty men

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October 18, 2006

Fancy a caning?

We know just the place where you can get one!

A place where you can tell the difference between a model and a genuine strict woman, as it is always clear at the outset of any encounter.

A genuinely strict woman does not tolerate impertinence when they decide to punish a male!

A male should always know his place and a sharp slap across his face imediately brings a wayward male down to earth with a bump!

When a Strict Woman is annoyed with you it is not just your bare butt that is going to get a spanking!

Strict Women in the UK will also order you to put your hand out and spank your hands also!

Strict Women believes that a mans place is over the knee of a woman, with his pants down!

Males need constant supervision and discipline to keep them in their place!

That is, beneath all women!

Now, back to the original question.

Do you fancy a caning?

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October 11, 2006

Spanking in uniforms

We said it before and we will keep saying it.

Women are taking over the world and men are not safe anymore.

Today we take a look into women in uniforms and the dangers of the inevitable abuse of force.

When a delicate feminine woman is in a position of force how can she establish her power?

Quite often by some kind of dictatorial ruling of the service, making men afraid and, therefore, obey her orders.

From there is just a short step to corporal punishment and you can expect very hard beatings in order to satisfy the woman's crave for power.

Does this sound scary?

Yes, it does, but neither you nor us would like it in any other way.

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