October 18, 2006

Fancy a caning?

We know just the place where you can get one!

A place where you can tell the difference between a model and a genuine strict woman, as it is always clear at the outset of any encounter.

A genuinely strict woman does not tolerate impertinence when they decide to punish a male!

A male should always know his place and a sharp slap across his face imediately brings a wayward male down to earth with a bump!

When a Strict Woman is annoyed with you it is not just your bare butt that is going to get a spanking!

Strict Women in the UK will also order you to put your hand out and spank your hands also!

Strict Women believes that a mans place is over the knee of a woman, with his pants down!

Males need constant supervision and discipline to keep them in their place!

That is, beneath all women!

Now, back to the original question.

Do you fancy a caning?

Click HERE to see more Strict women spanking men


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