February 20, 2008

Cruel Owk Whippings

There is a place, a very special place, where women are all mighty over the lowly males that go there to worship and suffer.

Where men exist only for the benefit of the sexy dominant Ladies, serving them in whatever way they desire.

These men expect no compliments for jobs well done but know they will be severely punished if they fail their obligations. In fact, any male may be whipped just to please any of the sadistic Mistress cruel moods.

But sadistic beatings and whippings are just a small portion of the very cruel and extreme female domination that goes on at the Other World Kingdom.

HERE to visit a site where you will see OWK sadistic dominant women whipping submissive male slaves for cruel fun.

Men are often used as objects, be it foot stools be it chairs for the Ladies to sit on or whatever evil way these wicked dommes can think to further humiliate the male slaves under their power.

Men are also used as animals, from dogs to horses and, in most cases, are kept in cages where any dominatrix can get a slave to torture and have fun with.

Men are also used for forced labour work, having to keep the place tidy and generally performing all tasks required to maintain the sadistic dominant Ladies superior luxury life style.

Yes, The Other World Kingdom may look like a fantasy and to good too be true but it is, indeed, very real and THE place any masochist male would gladly call "home"!

Are you brave enough to visit the Other World Kingdom? Click HERE



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