March 14, 2007

Wife Spanking Husband

The world is becoming a better place to live in.

Women taking over jobs and positions of power has had a major contribution for women taking over the control of their domestic life and, naturally, of their husbands and boyfriends too.

In fact, today's women are more dominant than their mother ever were and they are not afraid or shy to let men know who's the boss.

Used to cope with "rebel" males at work, these new women are not afraid of taking matters in their own hands and distribute discipline at home, whenever they think it's needed.

Taked to the extreme, these are the strict women who are not shy about spanking huspands and boyfriends when they fail to perform as they want them to.

Corporal punishments are a very effective way of making anyone behave and, besides, any man will feel deeply humiliated when receiving a hard ass spanking across is wife knees.

That humiliation will be a strong reminder for him not to fail again or he will be back across her knees.

In the end, domestic harmony is maintained and everybody is happy.

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