March 29, 2007

Expert spanker punishing

Today's women are more dominant then they have ever been in history and this has serious implications not only in their professional lifes but in private life as well.

These are the women who don't accept any crap from the men in their lives, as they are more than ready to take matters in their own hands and punish the meek males under their power.

Young husbands in particular have some very difficult life ahead as they can expect to end across their dominant wife's knees for a sound spanking when they don't behave as expected.

Further more, for serious offences, these young wives are not shy or afraid of calling for expert help and there are quite a lot of vixen spankers out there more than ready to offer assistance and inflict corporal spanking punishment on submissive men.

On the receiving end, naughty husbands will think twice before misbehaving again as having to bend over a strange woman's knees to be spanked is an extra humiliation and a very hard one to cope with.

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