February 14, 2007

Two Girlfriends Spanking Team

Women love to do things in groups!

Everybody has seen groups of women going shopping together, having lunch together, even going to the toilet together.

This, in most cases around the world, has nothing to do with sex or the women being lesbian lovers. In fact it has to do with only one thing:

Women love to talk!

Two women may have just had a two weeks cruise vacation together but, when returning home, the first thing they do is to get on the phone to each other for several hours.

But modern dominant strict women also enjoy doing some other thing together:

They enjoy practicing male dominance together and love to team up when it comes to distribute whatever spanking corporal punishment they think their men need.

These "poor" males will have a punishment twice as bad.

Not only do they have to endure the spanking punishent but they have also to endure the two dommes talking, and talking, and talking ...

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