February 26, 2007

Punishment is in her hands

In a consensual dominant female / submissive male relationship the Domme has a distinct advantage to women in "vanilla" relations as she doen't have to care about what is right or wrong.

In fact, it's the Dominatrix privilege to decide what right is and that may even change to suit her temporary and occasional needs.

But it's also up to her to administer justice whenever needed within the realtionship boundaries and, in this field, she is the Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The Lady's word is the law and the man under her power just has to obey and respect that law.

But, should he fail to comply, is punishment is at the Dominant Lady's hands, both to decide how he will be punished and to carry out the sentence.

Lawyers don't exist in the female domination world and trials are very simple.

The Domme personalises the Court and her justice will be swift.

Wouldn't you agree this is a much better and fair world to live in?

HERE to visit a free site where you will see a dominant Mistress taking the punishment of her submissive male in her own hands.

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