January 15, 2007

Yes Dear

Not so long ago "Yes Dear" was the formula most men used to keep wives happy, making the Ladies believe they had the last word in domestic discussions and fights.

In recent years, however, women have taken a lot of power, including domestic power and men have now to submit to feminine will.

While home was a men's castle, it is now the "queen's" domain where women rule supreme and indisputed.

On other hand, it's a well known fact that men are not good at "taking hints" and women are now using harsher methods to make men behave as they want them to.

For instance, over the knees spanking is now a common household instrument of correction and punishment.

Men know they have better do as ordered when hearing the words "strip and across my knees, I'm gonna spank your butt".

Resistance is futile, submitting is inevitable, that's the new meaning of the "Yes dear" formula.

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