December 14, 2006

Spanking lazy husband

Long gone are the days when a man was a castle king in his own home, with the wife and, sometimes other female relatives, to look after his needs.

A time when the man, after coming home from work, could just relax and lzy around, watching tv, taking a nap, whatever.

Nowadays things are completely different.

Women have taken control of the family life and they decide when and what a man can or cannot do.,

It is no longer acceptable for a man to take a nap if he is not so allowed by his dominant wife.

And the penalties are no longer just enduring verbal thrashings.

Women are a lot more agressive and dominant now and they often resolve to corporal punishment when it comes to punish husband misbehaviour.

Any man stupid enough not to comply to such wife's order are in for a hard spanking punishment, most of the times conducted over the dominant wife's knees.

Nevertheless we all have to agree that is a lot better to be so beatten rather than going into divorce.

HERE to reach the free site where you can see a young strict dominant wife hand spanking her stupid lazy husband over her knees

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