September 13, 2006

Dominant girl spanking

Women don't have to be old hard sadistic man eating bitches to apreciate a good spanking.

In fact, as men seem to be more open talking about sexual fetishes and women are taking over more and more positions of power, it's now fairly common to see young ladies enjoying applying spanking punishments to submissive willing men.

Girls fresh out of their teens are realising the power they can have over men of all ages, especially the older ones :), and are, naturally, assuming the dominant role.

Two things you can count when submitting your ass to these young strict dominant women:

First, they don't really have any idea on how hard they are beating you.

Second, they are young, they are strong and don't get tired easily.

HERE to see a dominant young girl spanking

Want to see more Strict women spanking men? CLICK HERE


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