August 03, 2006

Strict women spanking bad boys

Strict Women are without doubt the very best FemDom Spanking web site we have ever come across not only for pure quality with sexy and VERY beautiful dominant women but also for quantity.

This is a web site that has been in operation for around 8 years now so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that they have a massive archive of some of the best FemDom spanking movies we have EVER seen!

Strict Women not only bring you the most famous dominant women out there such as Porsche Lynn, Kelly Payne, Miss Daisa and others as you see in their full length feature movies but also some of the younger sexy dominant women anywhere who will make you swoon in worship as they tan your backside! Meet some here:

Mistress Debbie
Debbie has very little tolerance for her male office assistant who continually screws up. Watch as she makes a model employee out of him.

Mistress Nikki
When Nikki gets irritated by the constant noise her hired workman is making, it's time to make him make some other sort of noise!

Mistress Marisa
Marisa needs to call her girlfriends about their plans tonight. Unfortunately her 'better' half forgot to pay the bill!

Mistress Amanda
The Johnson File is the end of the line, the end of Amanda's patience with her recalcitrant office worker.

Mistress Chi
Being lazy and disobedient costs this young man s bare backside in the long run. Miss Chi does not tolerate that kind of attitude from HER servants. See how she takes care of things.

Mistress Tanya
The repairman finds himself in hot water with Tanya after he makes a mess of her desktop.

A 5 star site on a golden throne.

You simply can not go wrong with Strict Women!


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