July 28, 2006

July best spanking videos

These are this month’s best videos of your favourite fetish featuring dominant women spanking submissive males. Check them out ! We arranged for you to receive 20 MINUTES FREE VIEWING!

Out On Disability
After catching another fraud case, Private investigator Payne and the companies head nurse decide to teach this guy a lesson he will never forget. He is spanked over both ladies knee then tied down spread eagle over a bench and given a severe strapping. He also turned back over each of their laps for a good wooden paddling. By the end of his punishment he is crying and promising to go back to work.

Mistress Vanessa - Caned Again
Feeling particularly sadistic, Mistress Vanessa decides to test her slave's willingness to suffer for her. The suffering starts early with a brutal canning that lasts throughout the flick, but the slave also has to endure humiliating taunts by Mistress Vanessa as well. This slave clearly earns his stripes in Mistress Vanessa Caned Again, her severest video to date.

A World Of Payne
David, one of her houseboys, a severe bare-bottom smacking! Next the gardener is whipped and put through severe cock torture he won't soon forget. The cruel Mistress delights in her expert ministration of the whip! All the slaves have learned what it is like to live in A World of Payne!

Submission To Mistress Cristian
Mistress Cristian only allows the most humble and obedient slaves to serve her. She doesn't take any bullshit from anyone, especially not weak males who have been reduced to slavery. Watch as this pathetic slave is put to the test to determine if he's worthy of serving Mistress Cristian for the rest of his worthless life.

Blazing Paddles
The time has arrived again and Vinyl Queen is NOT happy. This filing year is going to be a lot different, as she has managed to capture an auditor from the IRS. Vinyl Queen is determined to make him feel as much discomfort as anyone who has ever-dreaded filing out their taxes. Vinyl Queen always gets her way and even the IRS is not immune!

Kick Him When He's Down
Welcome to a place where pain and pleasure collide. All the signs are there... extreme ball busting, humiliation, smoking, ashtray, bondage, heavy corporal including caning, forced foot worship, forced dildo sucking, full weight facesitting, breast smothering, breath play... A sadistic mistress finds her pain slut in The Fetish Zone!

Black Mistress
Well, although she is fucking hot as shit, her main feature is her utter cruelness and her capriciousness. She turns on a dime, pouncing on her submissive's. She brutally tramples, whips, and paddles her submissive's cock and his balls. You can see the submissive go to another place in his mind; he is tranced after like the first thirty minutes of torture.

Merciless Beatings
There is nothing more thrilling than getting spanked, flogged and paddled mercilessly and with much disregard. And that’s exactly what happens in this painful video. Get a thrill watching three FemDoms beat two guys. Of course, you will be drawn in on plenty of worship, too (ass kissing, anyone?)

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